Professor of Ethnography and Art of Listening at the Politecnico University, Milano.

Curriculum vitae:
Born in Rimini, Italy November 1st, 1943.
Diploma at John Hopkins High School, Minneapolis, Minnesota, Usa: 1961-62.
Laurea in general sociology (magna cum laude) at Facoltà di Sociologia in Trento: 1968.
Languages: fluent English; some French.

– Communicational savoir faire in tense and complex situations : Active Listening, Emotional Self-awareness, Creative Conflicts Management.
– Expert of Active Listening in Urban Renewal programs and community building in low-income neighborwoods.

In English (and Italian):
– 2002 “Learning from Gregory Bateson. Reflections on the role of Emotions and Humor in Scientific Knowledge and Everyday Life ” in Bernardi C, M Dragone, G Schininà (editors) War Theaters and Action of Peace ( Teatri di guerra e azioni di Pace ); Euresis Edizioni, Milano, pp 91-101
– 1997 ” An anthroplogical approach to the spatialization of Critical Theory ” in L. Spagnoli ( editor) Los Angeles, Quaderni del Dipartimento di Progettazione dell’architettura, Milano

Not yet Published in English:
– 2003. Art of Listening and Possible Worlds (Arte di ascoltare e mondi possibili. Come si esce dalle cornici di cui siamo parte. Bruno Mondadori ,Milano )
– 2002 Urban Adventures. Citizens , urban planners and an anthropologist planning together (M Sclavi et al : Avventure Urbane. Progettare la città con gli abitanti. Eleuthera,Milano )
– 2000 An Italian Lady goes to the Bronx. (La Signora va nel Bronx., LeVespe , Milano-Pesaro. First ed: Anabasi, Milano,1994)